Work Experience & Youth Apprenticeship

Work Experience

The Work-Based Learning Program allows students to earn credit for on-the-job training in an area in which they have expressed a possible career interest.  These entry-level positions provide students an opportunity to experience and evaluate the career area before entering post-high school education (university or technical college) or training programs.  

Work-based learning allows junior and senior students to earn credit for a paid work position.  Students apply their communication and employability skills on the job and receive feedback from employers and teachers on their skill development.

Youth Apprenticeship 
Wisconsin's Youth Apprenticeship Certification Program is designed for high school students who want hands on learning in an occupational area at a worksite along with classroom instruction in their home high school.  The Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program is a one or two-year program requiring paid work experience and related classroom instruction based on industry-developed skill standards.  Each year of the program, students are required to complete two classes of technical-related to their position and 450 paid hours of job placement experience.  Upon completion of each year of the program, students earn a Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Certificate of Occupational Proficiency.

Youth Apprenticeship Program Information (Dept. of Workforce Development)