ACT & Testing Information

Students who plan to take the ACT, SAT, or AP tests, are encouraged to access the below sites to help them register, practice and review results on each exam.  Information on these sites can help students increase their individual scores on each of the exams as well.

This site is for all students planning to take the ACT. The site provides students with all upcoming ACT testing dates.  In addition, students can use this site to create their ACT accounts, register for the ACT, access practice questions to prepare for the ACT and have their official ACT scores sent to certain universities. It is highly recommended that any student wanting to attend a four-year university should take the ACT 2 to 3 times to maximize their score and give them the best opportunites for scholarships!

This site is for any student planning to take the SAT.  The site provides students with upcoming SAT testing dates, allows them to register for the SAT, create their SAT accounts, access practice questions, and be able to review their SAT test results.

This important site is required for all students enrolled in any Advanced Placement course.  Students can use this site to create their AP accounts, join existing AP courses, register for AP exams, and review their AP exam test scores.